About us

PERVICTA is a consulting company specialized in topics relevant for the food industry, such as Food Safety, Microbiology, Regulations, and Labeling. Over 10 years of professional experience supports us.

Our goal at PERVICTA is to contribute to our clients’ development and competitiveness, guiding and aiding them to solve their needs and inquiries about regulatory and food safety issues relevant to their products. The latter through our specialized services in: conformity revision for product labeling, identification and evaluation of applicable food safety requirements, technical advice in the use of food additives, packaging selection and training.

The name PERVICTA is formed by the latin prefix “Per”, meaning “through”, and the suffix “Victual”, meaning “food”, “nutrient” or “to provide food”, and it also refers to an accomplishment or success. This way, our food safety consulting comes up and focuses through the world of food to contribute to the success of our clients.

PERVICTA is an analytical and wise eye which guides us from darkness to light, from confusion to clarity, from matter to its composition, through the rich and complex world of food.