Labeling service


A product label has 2 main functions: to provide an attractive image to the product, and to inform the consumer. There are special regulations about the mandatory information a label must bear so as the consumer is properly informed. Some examples of the information that must be declared are: net content, manufacturer information, best by date, nutrition facts, among others.

Our labeling service covers creating a label for a new product, or conformity revision of requirements for an existing label.

What do we do?

  • Regulations review for labeling requirements of food, beverages and cosmetics (local and foreign),
  • Regulation review specific to the product and according to its classification,
  • Label assessment and updating according to Mexican regulation NOM-051-SCFI/SSA1-2010,
  • Nutrition facts calculation,
  • Assessment and calculations for new Front Warning Labeling,
  • Report indicating all information required for the label, including specifications for placement, size and typography, as applicable, and
  • Advice and labels review during design and printing processes.